The Evolution of Wanna-Be Writer

The Evolution of Wanna-Be Writer

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Yesterday I published a blog called On (Really) Struggling with Writing. It was the culmination of nearly a year’s worth of self-reflection, exploration, anxiety, and frustration. I have struggled greatly to come to terms with my writing post-college. It would be nice to say that I found a clear answer at the end of the blog, but writing (and life) is never that easy. I do know that an evolution of sorts has to happen. As a result, I am making a few changes to Wanna-Be Writer.

A lot of things change after college. Careers begin, responsibilities multiply, relationships begin to shift – some dissolving into time, others forging even stronger connections. Not all of the changes are easy. Many of them are confusing. The best thing that you can do is be flexible and push forward making the most of it. I made a big mistake in not doing either of those things when it came to my writing and my idea of what being a writer means.

In college the combination of studying Literature and having the carefree work schedule of a bartender allowed me to write whenever I wanted. More importantly, it made it easier to write. I have found that writing comes a lot harder without the persona of the indie lit student slinging drinks in a hipster bar while slaving over the “next great American novel” in the wee hours of the night. Now I’m a fully-functioning adult with a professional career, mature social life, and a (probably) overemphasized sense of responsibility. Not to mention the fact that, despite being in my mid-twenties, am seemingly incapable of staying awake past 10:30 at night! Writing comes a lot harder than it used to.

The reality is that I must adapt both my writing and this blog to my new life. I need to start establish what writing and being a writer is going to be as an adult.

To encourage myself to start looking at my writing in a new light, I’ve given Wanna-Be Writer a new look. I have attempted to create a look that displays the maturity, purpose, and focus I want my writing to embody. A lot of thought has gone into the changes that have been made and each one done with a specific purpose. Many things influenced the choices I made, but I would be remiss if I did not note that one blog had the lion’s share of inspiration: Ordinary Adventures. I will let the design and content of Ordinary Adventures speak for itself – it will be easy to see why I liked it so much. I think you will too.


p9tqfIn addition to the new look, I also went through all of my old posts and drafts. In the name of a fresh start I made the difficult decision to delete many of my older posts. Over the course of the now four years I have been writing Wanna-Be Writer this blog has been many things. The litany of posts reflected that sense of eclectic chaos. Not to mention, early in my career I made the incredibly short-sighted and lazy decision not to go back and edit before posting.

There are a few of my older posts that survived the great culling. Most have been made private however until I have the chance to go back and revise many of them. I will re-release on rainy days when I am super busy or not feeling well enough to write an original.

And, speaking of posting, I have yet to decide on a workable frequency but I do know that I will eventually be establish a blogging schedule. In the next week I will be working on getting to a place that will allow you, dear reader, to expect new blogs on a more frequent and consistent basis. Ask any writer or blogger and they will tell you the key to growing is to practice consistently and without fail. That is something that I have always struggled with and will continue to struggle with. If I am going to continue to do this though, I’m going to do it right. As the great Ron Swanson once said:


You will probably continue to see subtle changes over the next few weeks as I lock-in exactly what Wanna-Be Writer is going to be in its adulthood. As always, I am greatly appreciative for your support and readership. Please feel free to reach out to me with comments on the things you like, those you are not a fan of, or anything that you might want to see. When it comes to my writing, I always love connecting with those reading it.

Until next time,



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