The Dream

The Dream

I finished yesterday’s blog with the promise of some more light-hearted stuff. A lot of things have been on my mind for a while now and I think that, for the most part, I have gotten them all off my chest. That said, when I promised you a more upbeat blog I had a few things in my notebook to write but nothing that seemed quite right. I shrugged it off for the night and passed out. I woke up with the memory of one of the most fantastic and nerdy dreams I have ever had and I just cannot imagine not telling you about it (brace yourselves for lots of Star Wars pictures).

My fiancé is always giving me a hard time about my dreams. Self-admittedly they’re unrealistically heroic. I’m usually a James Bond-esque figure saving the world from catastrophe or a lumberjack polishing off my third dozen of pancakes. Both situations are equally badass. Obviously. I hope that Reina doesn’t read this blog because I will never hear the end of it.

Before we get into the dream, it would prudent to understand that I am a big ole nerd. I follow more space exploration vehicles on Twitter than people. I read fantasy novels. And if I had half the attention span needed to play video or card games I would be all over Warcraft and Magic: The Gathering. But the pinnacle of my nerdom is my adoration of Star Wars.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 6.03.13 PM

I read the expanded universe books, played a lot of the video games, watched all of the shows/movies (except Rebels, because it’s a little too Disney for me), and am literally more excited for Episode VII than anything in my life. Last night I happened to watch the latest international trailer that features almost completely before-seen footage with the exception of this horrifying scene at the beginning. I have embedded the trailer for your viewing pleasure. Also because it’s the last thing that I watched before I went to bed.

Now for the dream:

My memory begins with me scrambling down a shrub-covered rock face with my partner, Samwise Gamgee (not sure what he’s doing in my Star Wars dream but here’s to nerdiness). Ahead of me is a light green expanse with soft rolling hills, flanked to the west by a dense stand of rich trees. Sam and I immediately begin to jog towards the safety of the tree, not knowing exactly what we were running from yet still understanding that cover was key. As it always is.

We only made it a quarter of the way before we heard them.

The humming scream of an X-Wing squadron filled the air and we barely had time to turn our heads, not bothering to stop running, before the roared over us. They were flying so low to the ground we could feel the heat blasting from the engines and I had to pick the oafish Samwise back up after he was blown to a knee. The squadron split into two, peeling away from formation to swing back around as their wings moved to attack positions.

I knew they were coming even before I could hear the unmistakable shriek of the TIE fighters’ engines. Our legs got another surge of adrenaline as we heard the TIE fighters’ laser cannons burp out bolts of red plasma over our heads. The ground exploded in front of us peppering us with an odd combination of cool grass and searingly hot clods of dirt. The concussion knocked both of us to the ground. Luckily the lasers’ impact had been far enough away to avoid causing any injury and I staggered back to my feet, ears ringing wildly.

Unfortunately I heard nothing good once the ringing stopped. The horrid symphony of war surrounded us. I wasn’t exactly sure where Sam was at this point. Both rebel and and imperial ground troops had rushed the field in a hailstorm of blaster fire and grenade blasts. I looked around quickly, desperately searching for a weapon of my own. Lucky for me there was one laying on the ground, twenty feet away. Unlucky for the imperial shock trooper whose hand – and only hand – was still gripping the weapon.

With no time to do anything but react I sprinted towards it, leaping the last five feet and sliding to a stop nearly on top of the blaster. Taking it by the warm barrel I shook the white armor gloved hand from the grip and threaded my own finger through the trigger guard. Only now did I pivot up to me knee, blaster to my shoulder, and look back to where I had last seen Sam.

I found him.

He was being held in a chokehold by none other than this sumbitch:

The chrome trooper looked up to stare me in the eye as he pulled the trigger without a word. Sam crumpled to ground. The chrome trooper stood up from a knee. Looming nearly seven feet in full armor, the trooper easily towered over anyone on the battlefield. With X-Wings and TIE fighters shrieking through the sky above us, the trooper started walking towards me confidently holding his blaster across his chest. I couldn’t help but take a step backwards. Then I heard a sound so distinct come from right behind me.

The electric crackling hiss of a lightsaber being drawn.

It hummed ominously behind me, surging ever so slightly as the its wielder moved it upwards. I could not see who it was. Could it be my savior or the harbringer of death. Mustering up every once of courage I had, I began to turn and face the sound.


“Baby, wake up. You need to go to work,” Reina said softly but urgently.

Ugh. Typical.


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