#WorkoutWednesday: Weights and Writing

#WorkoutWednesday: Weights and Writing


Sometimes workouts are fun. Sometimes workouts can make you feel really good. Other times… It feels like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took you out back to where they keep the garbage cans and found you guilty of fat-assery; punishable by the People’s Elbow. Yet other times I blog about them… (kinda)

#WorkoutWednesdays is a blog series that I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. It’s taken me this long because I’ve needed to figure out just how I was going to do this. Understandably I had a few concerns. Most notable was the fact that for the longest time Wanna-Be Writer was strictly a writer’s blog. Second, and most important, is the fact that I am not a fitness professional and was worried about writing about something so far out of my wheelhouse. Finally, the reality is that my biceps get more work lifting my pint of beer than barbell curls. Not exactly a great voice for fitness.

At the end of the day though, I remembered that a major focus of this revamp was to write less about writing as a discipline and more about my life as a wanna-be writer, as well as all of the other things in life that interest me. Fitness – whether that be pushing for a fast mile or getting a new PR in pizza slices consumed in a 30-minute period – plays a pretty prominent role in my daily life. It keeps me sane, in some semblance of shape, and does a lot for my mental clarity. All of those things are work towards the quality of my writing. Pretty good deal I’d say.

I find it incredibly fitting that I am starting this series the same week that I’m returning to a relatively regular workout schedule after more than a month off. As it turns out, there are more than a few similarities between starting a new blog series and returning to get back into the gym:

  • At some level, it’s a little familiar but after some time off or starting a series on a new topic its all a little fuzzy. You vaguely know how its supposed to work but it takes a bit to get comfortable with it.
  • After a bit reorienting yourself, you begin to see some gains. Things start coming a little easier and before you know it you’re practically a pro!
  • Then it comes and smacks you down. I’ve found that writing a couple test-drafts and the third day of working out are practically the same experience: Pain. Crippling soreness from going 0-60 in three days or a debilitating sense of doubt as you realize you have no idea what you’re writing about.
  • Finally you get over the pain and discomfort and find a bit of a rhythm. It starts becoming a little easier with each session and finally your focus strengthens with knowledge that with each exercise you to get stronger. That growing strength allows you to keep moving towards your ultimate goal.

Now, I promise that #WorkoutWednesdays will not be a weekly investigation on how writing and working out are similar. My goal for this series is create a platform in which I can share some of my fitness struggles, a few successes, tons of funny stories, and more than a healthy dose of workout playlist recommendations. I really hope that you enjoy this new experience alongside of me. Please, please like, comment, share your own experiences and feel comfortable in the fact that at the end of the day this is just a normal guy laughing about his attempts at fitness.

So until next time, keep on working towards that pizza eating PR!



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