2015: A Year in Review

2015: A Year in Review

Despite missing the optimal year’s end post window I decided to sit down and take a look at some of the major events of last year. I am constantly reminded of the fact that time seems to move faster the older you get and 2015 definitely proved that to be true. Scattered through that blur of a year some pretty awesome things happened. It is always hard to narrow an entire year into one post, but I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid top five.


Towards the beginning of 2015 I was given my first opportunity to start climbing the corporate ladder. Many of you know that my BA is in Literature. As it turns out, it’s kind of really hard to make a decent living “in the field.” As a result I took an entry-level position at an apparel wholesale distributor to pay the bills figuring that I would work on my degree-focused projects in my spare time. Regular readers will know that the idea of writing in my spare time turned out to be more fantasy than fact in 2015 but I’m glad to say it’s because I was offered a much bigger set of responsibilities at work. Instead of balancing invoices against receipts I’m now in charge of planning international production for one of my company’s most profitable brands. That’s pretty cool in my book. Makes it much easier to keep the lights on and beer in the fridge.


This year I took my first vacation as an adult. I was able to actually take vacation time (because I have vacation time) and have a paycheck despite not being in the office. I planned and paid for it all by myself. No parents footing the bill of a family vacation. And the best part was that I got to take my girlfriend with me!  Never before have I expereinced a city with such a distinct and vibrant atmosphere as New Orleans. I had been once before in the year following Katrina to help with reconstruction, but to see the city nearly ten years later was an entirely different experience. The second-best story from that vacation was when Reina and I ordered a NOLA BBQ Crawfish dish, polished it off (buttery broth included), and promptly ordered it again on the spot. I do not believe I have ever felt so miserable and content at the same time.



In what was easily the highlight of 2015, the best story from my New Orleans trip was when I got down on one knee in the middle of Jackson Square, with live jazz music playing in the background (gloriously unplanned, but I’m going to claim it was for eternity), and asked Reina to marry me. She said yes! Would have made for a super awkward plane ride home if she had said no. Luckily a very gracious couple from Mississippi were quick enough to snap a few pictures of the proposal as it happened and were willing to send them to us. In an unexpected moment of cuteness a group of middle-school girls on vacation rushed up to Reina glowing with excitement and saying she now looked like a princess!



With another top five event on the horizon, Reina and I thought that it would be a prudent decision to make a furry addition to the soon-to-be Griffin family. After a couple weeks of rooting around on Craigslist and we found ourselves in a McDonald’s parking lot having our $50 dollars snatched out of one hand and a too-tiny black kitten tossed into the other one. From the moment we brought Harlow home we knew she was going to be a character, which is exactly what we were hoping for! Her cuteness definitely has made our apartment much more fun, if not a little sleep-deprived.


Technically this one has little to do with me, but it’s such a big life event for Reina that it deserves mention. In the fall Reina started her first year of Law School. Nothing makes you feel like you’re not doing anything with your life like dating a law student does. I work a full 40+ hours a week, hit the gym (sometimes), and maintain a social life but the hard work that Reina puts in makes all of that look like preschool. So I did the only thing that made sense: Started another blog project! Ya know… because sporadically posting on a bi-monthly basis here wasn’t enough of a writing commitment for me. If you’re into that kind of thing though, check out my new project Living With A Law Student to see what it’s like!

2016 is already shaping up to be a watershed year for the both of us. Wedding planning is now in full swing. Work seems to be better (and busier) than ever. Two old writing projects, one new one, and another one possibly on the horizon are bound to keep my creative side churning. I’d like to say a big thank you to all of you readers who have stuck around throughout a short-winded 2015 and I’d like to think you’ll have a lot more to read this year. At the very least I have a review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Aftermath coming down the pike!

Until then,



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