Out of the Abyss

Out of the Abyss


Today marks the first day in six that I have been on my feet for more than 10% of the day. Last Sunday, as I sat at brunch with my parents, I began withering into a combination of chest-wracking coughs and pulsing headaches that wouldn’t finish digging in until Wednesday. Only now – Saturday – am I beginning to regain some memory of what normal should feel like. 

Other than an apparent case of melodrama, what I eventually learned was a nasty upper respiratory infection, knocked me to the ground early Monday morning and continued to pummel me for days. A futile attempt to return to the office ended in me being forced to go home and eventually put on doctor-ordered bed rest through Friday. Today is first day on my feet and I find myself utterly exhausted at four in the afternoon, barely holding myself upright with a quad-espresso and my eighteenth glass of water. Luckily, however, despite my continued complaining I can begin to feel my body mending itself and have every confidence that by Monday I’ll be ready to return to work at nearly 100%.

Aside from the fact I had to take five days off from work (feeling especially grateful that I had the time to take) and the risk of my law student fiancée getting infected, the worst thing about all of this was the loss of momentum on my writing projects. Until last weekend I had actually managed to maintain a steady pace posting here at Wanna-Be Writer, at my other blog Living with a Law Student, and had begun the preliminary research on yet another project possibility. Now I have to figure out a way to pick up where I left off and keep going like I didn’t waste an entire week lying half-conscious on the couch trying to figure out where reality began and old episodes of The X-Files ended. And then there is my novel; which, despite recent progress in other areas of my writing, has remained dust-covered and untouched for nearly half a year.

Yup. Something should be done about that.

The one benefit from my position on the couch was the view it gave me of my bookshelf. From my disposed location I could see the very bottom corner of the shelf where a copy of 642 Things to Write About had remained hidden since I moved into my apartment nearly two years ago. I bought the book on a whim a few years ago in Spokane, but aside from a random page or three it remains blank. So I pulled it out and put it with my other writing journals.

Blogs are good and well in terms of writing, but they don’t quite strike the creative nerve that I need to find in order to rediscover the correct mindset to resume work on my novel. It is my hope that I might find the right chord if I resolve to pick a prompt each morning and spend at least fifteen minutes fleshing it out. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette aptly promised, “Writing only leads to more writing” and I am hoping the true can be found for my creative writing. At the very least, it will give me something to do other than lying in bed or on the couch. I have had my fill of that.

Until next time, take your vitamins boys and girls and write a tad while you’re at it, too.




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