Down the (Creative) Rabbit Hole

Down the (Creative) Rabbit Hole


My eyes seem blurry and I’m mentally and emotionally trained. Not quite sure if it’s because I’ve been knee deep in the novel I’m working on for the past two weeks or I just finished watching Wade Wilson switch from making my sides split laughing to julienning bad guys in the blink of an eye in Deadpool. Obvious solution: Beer.

As good as Deadpool was, I must admit my writing is definitely what has me exhausted. Two weeks ago I hadn’t touched a copy of my manuscript in nearly a year. A year! In the past two weeks I’ve managed to increase the word count of my manuscript nearly 5,400 words. A daily average of just under 400 words during that time doesn’t seem like much, but I guarantee for every word that made it on to the manuscript, another three was written in prep, research, or general tomfoolerly beforehand. Not to mention I’ve completely changed the platform in which I’m working on my novel. Hey Scrivener, how you doin’? I’ve also managed to fight off an incarnation of consumption. Seriously – I felt like Val Kilmer in Tombstone.

Regardless of the myriad of other things going on in my life – day job, I’m looking at you – for the first time since I started my work-in-progress (WIP) nearly, oh god, five years ago my mind has been able to focus on little else. Even at work I can be found, more often than not, jotting plot points and character development ideas into my dog-eared Moleskin. This newly rediscovered creative drive, fueled by beer, coffee, and no water whatsoever has given rise to some quality bits of writing. I’ve even posted a few of them on the good ol’ Instagram. Take a gander at a few of my favorite bits from the past two weeks.

Novel 1

novel 2

Obviously a few more words have been written but what’s the fun in spoiling everything before you get a book deal? If you do want some more sneak peeks, check out my Instagram account @connorgriffinwrites! Maybe Twitter is more your style. Or, you could like my Facebook Page Wanna-Be Writer. Options are abound. Pick one! (You had better do it so I can stop soliciting myself shamelessly)

Until next time, I’ll be writing.




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