Newer, Shorter Form

Newer, Shorter Form

Hey there. After writing a post on How to Not be Mad at George R.R. Martin it is kind of awkward to say I want to take a leaf out of his book but hey, he’s probably not reading this.

After trolling his blog for material to fuel my rant (and scouring it for any hint of Winds of Winter release date – none found) I must admit I came to admire his format. Short, sweet, and more or less too the point with more than a hint of endearing familiarity. I figured I could learn a bit from that.

I could go into a lot of the reasons why, but at the end of the day the result remains the same. Between a surprising amount of increased responsibilities at my actual job and the attempt to keep up a head of steam on my work-in-progress I don’t have the bandwidth to put a ton of effort into my blog at the moment. I’m not ready to abandon it though. So instead I’ll give it what I can.

The posts will be short. Like little nuggets of insight into my life if you will. I hope to continue writing on a number of topics ranging from writing to TV and film to my attempt at fitness in the form of jogging – pronounced “YAH-ging,” I believe (cheers, Cara – that one made me giggle a few times). Make no mistake. Most of it will be shameless self-promotion so consider yourself warned. At the end of the day, all I want to do is write. And so I will.

Hope to see you around.

Until next time,



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