Global Warming is Soooo Hot Right Now

Global Warming is Soooo Hot Right Now


Another record-setting heat wave is hitting my beloved Pacific Northwest and it’s earlier than ever. Even with my champ of an AC unit pumping full blast 24/7, the temp in my 4th floor apartment did not drop below 83 degrees yesterday. I cannot begin to imagine what the 90+ degree weather would have done to my oven of an apartmentwithout the hatches battened and the AC running full tilt. Needless to say I spent the greater part of the afternoon laying around in my boxers drinking cans of Rainier beer. Today, while involving less beer and more pants, has been much of the same.

A workout was a non-factor after a farewell happy hour for a retiring co-worker (because I’m apparently old enough to be going to those now) and my brain, reduced to luke-warm jello, was not conducive to productive writing. And the mere thought of housework immediately causes the room’s temperature to rise and thus I find myself complaining via the internet.

Earlier, when we were having unseasonably warm weather in March and April I jokingly told my coworkers I nearly felt bad for rooting in favor of global warming. Oh how I’d love to slap my stupid self right in the face. As if that might have tipped the karmic scales in my favor and relieved me of the this damned heat wave.

Alas I cannot and must do my best to suffer these first-world problems.

Until next time, try not to melt.




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